Hyderabad – A shopper’s paradise

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March 4, 2008 by freakychakra

How many of us crib about the fact that we are not able to afford those silken curtains draped inside the malls for our homes, that we are not able to buy the latest style footwear or not able to buy the fancy sarees etc due to their prohibitive prices.
Sales are now a common thing in many malls-more due to their internal competition to woo the customers and empty their stocks.But after being thru them do we really find our hearts satisfied from the purchasing done. Well I’m not talking about the elite few but about the majority of the middle class which wants to be on par with the elitist ones but are not in a position yet.

It is for such masses that Hyderabad is a heaven. Come to Hyderabad.Come one come all.Come in droves, come in singles. But do come here.Come here for getting the best price margins u must have ever felt anywhere in Indian metros.

Areas like Sultanbazaar, Charminaar, Nacharam, Koti, General Bazaar, and Lad Market have lived upto the expectations of the banal man fulfilling his banal desires in a princely way.
Well please dont think that Government of A.P. is reimbursing me for advertising their city.(Though that won’t be a bad option!!!) I have been to the cities of Calcutta, explored the bylanes of Bombay, been to the neon lighted roads of Banglore(Please dont expect me to dishonour it by calling Bengaluru as well as the other cities)—-but nowhere have i found an inventory of decorating items as myriad (both in price and stock) as here.
The glass bangles of Lad Bazaar in their many hues and shapes just make u drool over them. And their low pricing(10/dozen) will make u buy a sackful of them. Nearby in the Charminar the numerous Pearl shops have pearls in all kinds and in all prices ranging from a measly Rs 80 (THEY ARE ORIGINAL) to the higher ones crossing the periphery of thousands and tens of thousands.
Koti and Sultanbazaar enthrall u with the collection they have for Ladies.(All men better have tonnes of patience ), as well as the collection they have for Footwear. They haven’t spared the home decoration market either.
Nacharam boasts of numerous shops of footwear thus effectively bringing down the price of basic footwear. Also General Bazaar is special for Ladies jewellery…….
Of Course u will say that i have spoken only about ladies, what about men……Well now whatever i know of men…..(me being proudly a part of their species) they are not much interested in such activities.Lets leave it to the fairer sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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