The Deccan Charged Up

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April 25, 2008 by freakychakra

Cricket as a game has in recent times had stopped intriguing me. Everything seemed just too much obvious and boring. The same old players, the same old teams, the same old crowd, the same old venue. The only new thing being: sledging which looked cheap rather than interesting.For me it stopped being an option of being a source of entertainment. But all these were soon to change……….
Yesterday i got free passes to the duel between Deccan Chargers and Rajasthan Royals. Apart from the fact that i would be watching something right in front of me in absence of the glass barrier(T.V. Screen) nothing was special for me. I didn’t want to go and gave the arguments that rather from a T.V. one would see better angles and better display. But then i decided to weigh the option of once in a lifetime oppurtunity. The match was being held in the almost constructed Visaka International Cricket Stadium in Uppal District of Hyderabad. An air of change started flowing in, the moment i came in the radius of the stadium. The cheering of the crowd, the entourage of cars and bikes alike, and the trodding of the people were just too overwhelming.. It was the first of its kind i was seeing something. Anyways we had to trod quite a distance but it was worth it.
The moment we reached the stadium building we set our eyes on the green ground. It was seeming as if someone has painted the ground. And it was simply wow! The stadium being a bit smaller than other stadiums, the view was pretty good. All the players were easily visible. A kind of weird feeling coupled with excitement crept up when i saw Andrew Symonds and Rohit Sharma just meters away from me!! All these while you have been seeing and believing them to be aliens residing on the other end of the T.V. Screen. and now all of a sudden you see them right in front of you. Now i understand what’s the reason of fan following and why do crowds go berserk when they see their favourite celebrity in front of them. Its with everyone of us. They are like God to us. Of course! they can’t change our fate but then they are special-they are beings from the other world, and we never miss a chance to feel what these beings are made of when we get. Anyways, that was the first sight, but then as if icing on the cake-our stands were in direct confrontation of the cheer girls. The Deccan Chargers’ cheer girls dressed in white dresses and red skirts with silver cheer bands tied to their hands were right in front of me. And the public made most of it. They all had one more reason as well as a way to celebrate each four and six or wicket. They would see the sexy, gyrating bodies of the cheerleaders moving their body to the beats of the music as well as would enjoy the victory of their team.
And then who would forget the crowds—–the ever jubilant somewhat jingoistic Indian crowd, who believe in fan worship and following. Everytime Symonds or Shane Warne would come near the crease the crowd would start shouting and waving. They would dance the moment boundary shots would be hit, and surprisingly it was a very sporting crowd. They cheered not only their home team but also applauded the guest team.They danced and jumped for every strong move from their home team but applauded even the good moves of the guest team(GUESS ITS JUST BECAUSE CITY BASED LOYALTIES ARE YET TO DEVELOP!).
Anyways! The experience was par excellence. Be it dancing int the public, shouting with them and crying with them, expressing shock and awe on losing a won match, or just cracking jokes–only in such environments do you experience something we have in us embedded, but have forgot in the pressure of time: UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. Symonds, who attained fame in the decrepit corners of India too, for his alleged racial remarks were waved at by the Indian crowds. Unknown strangers get together to hold banners supporting their team. One joke is shared by too many people without the knowledge of who is who. Now that’s brotherhood, and that’s real fun…. In the 24X7 schedule of ours today we dont have time to ask even about our next door neighbours but in matches like this a bond of a lifetime can be forged…… Maybe i’m seemingly speaking too much, but then its possible…….SO INVITING EVERYONE WHO IS ENJOYING THE MATCH FROM THE CAGES OF THEIR AC COOLED HOMES–Come up and come over to the stadiums–come and vent your anger with the crowd, come and celebrate your joy, come and forget yourself……………..Come and live life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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