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January 28, 2010 by freakychakra

Jan 01 2010—This day marked the start of the end of a really tumultuous decade. A decade marked by 9/11, tsunami, terrorism, war on terrorism and the great recession. Well for us engineering students, it was just another day spent away in booze and the accompanying headache. We really didn’t  care if it was 31/12/09 or the end of our exams. We just needed a reason to rob our parents of their hard earned money and spend it over colourful fermented liquid, the consumption of which since our childhood we know is harmful for health. Well I guess that is what we call engineering- We do everything except what is actually expected of us !!!   As if the headache from the booze wasn’t enough, our TPC –Training Placement Co ordinator (a stylish name given to glorify the thankless and cursed job of deciding the careers of students) had the brilliant idea to organize an all industry common aptitude exam on the first of the new year.( Don’t you agree that engineers do everything except what is expected of them ???). Well, we didn’t have choice. Between booze and job we did choose booze, but even in the faint consciousness of the new rays of the new year we had a bit of soul searching (or maybe the fear of our family) and somehow ‘latakte-lutakte’  we all went to the college. With the same clothes carried on from the night, the only sparks of hygiene accompanying us was the set of brushed teeth and somehow neatly combed hair.   With booze and figures of girls with short skirts engulfed in our brains we were sitting in front of computer screens waiting for some arrangement of questions which would decide our fate for 64 companies. The session started with some manager from the  recruitment company blabbering about marks, career and life before his voiced died out saying happy new year (Bloody! First of all call us after 31st on a new year day and then wish us happy new year, he surely must have had tough graduation days). Then a second person came up and blabbered out the rules and asked us to grace the chairs in front of the computers.  Well! The computers started and we were asked to fill up the forms. It was by then that we were more than half way through consciousness and we completely acknowledged the importance of what we were doing—Screwing away our careers at the beginning of the year !!! I looked around. There was a stark difference between the hostelites and the localites. The localites were looking all prepared, all freshened up for the big fight, with some even carrying R S Aggarwal’s with them(for those who don’t know, R S Aggarwal is one person many people owe their job to by practicing their aptitude from his books). The hostelites on the other hand looked as if they just had escaped from the war torn lands of Somalia—Unshaven, uncreased clothes, red eyes, sore throats !!!   One such joker amongst was a guy from the EXTC department .Like most other hostelites he too arrived late. The TPO (Officer) banged him verbally reprimanding him for coming late. Anyways he was peeved as the EXTC TPC hadn’t arrived. The TPO gave him a good piece of his mind(which actually proved to be helpful to the guy as he completely overcame his stupor due to this). Not content with that the TPO asked him to bring the TPC of the department. Well, the boy meekly said that it was he who was the TPC of the EXTC department. Well as I said you before,  engineering is all about doing everything that is not expected of you.  Anyways back here, the refugees from Somalia were at war again. A war for their very future. A war that was going to give them freedom from their parents sermons, a war whose victory meant, spending as much as money as you want to booze away (and die away soon). The only problem was that while the localites were loaded with bazookas and nuclear bombs of engineering studies, the hostelites were equipped with blurred images of short skirted girls, booze raining away and pure unadulterated headache.  With the fillup of the forms the war started. The questions were on the screen and with the clicks of mouse we were preparing to decide our future. Surprisingly we realized as and as the questions came that we didn’t need any nuclear bombs to fight this war,we just needed some amount of common sense. Mutual help (we were sitting side by side) among the hostelites proved to be an added weapon in our armoury. First came the English section, which was my territory. Then  came the territories of Quantitative Aptitude which for me was the enemy territory. Somehow since 10th me and Maths don’t see eye to eye. The later ones were logical aptitude territory and some information technology domains which were easily cracked. While I helped out the others with English, I enlisted their help in Quant. By the end of the exam, we were all sitting up and happy. The headache persisted but the war was over and we were the winners, for we didn’t care about the result. The very fact that we were able to put up a fight was our consolation. In engineering every moment is won or lost and we had grown so much over them, that now it really didn’t matter. As  I said “Engineering is doing all about what is not expected of you……”


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