Such is life.

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April 7, 2014 by freakychakra

A song on your tongue, a smile on your cheeks,
Sometimes isn’t that al,l that a life seeks ?

Every dawn weaves the same old story,
Every morning begins the race to prove the invisible me

You keep on walking, but the roads never end
You keep on talking, bud do the hearts ever mend ?

Papers and digits, keystrokes and clicks,
Yet happiness eludes these banal tricks.

It’s a race, everyone’s been telling you.
But towards what, nobody seems to have a clue.

Yet we run,
Run, as if there isn’t a tomorrow.
Aiming for the unreachable sun,
Uncaring, to how many we have turned  a foe.

Like the horses, we run steady and blind
Like in the races, to leave everyone behind.

At the pedestal, we may somehow reach.
In the future, we may have something, for someone to teach.

Yet nothing, the celebrations may mean,
For everyone has been left far behind to be seen.

Hence, run but do also take a pause
It’s your life and not a race without a cause.

Do stop by to cast upon a shadow of smile
Do stop by to look behind and admire the covered mile

On the roadside, over a glass of tea,
Meeting up the old faces, recounting your strife
Laughing over it and everything that you all see
Such simple is the concept called life.


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