The Deliberate Sinner — Bhaavana Arora

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October 26, 2014 by freakychakra

“….But what about a woman’s needs ? Just for fears should she continue to suppress her feelings, her desires ? A man could be on the prowl and hunt; if he gets lucky he can even find his catch and feast on it. But a woman would be called fallen if she ever did that”

The entire plotline of deliberate sinner is revealed on the first page itself where you see see the slender and exquisite back of a lady with the zip of the dress almost open and the ring out of the fingers. Yes ! It does conjure up the images of an adulterous woman trapped in an unhappy marriage or engagement. Unhappy, because unless you are writing a Penthouse letter, there is no way you will ever portray a woman in India to be happy and yet have an adulterous affair.

Yet, like every other Indian we come to a judgement too soon and the same shows up as you devour the 150 pages of this story told through the eye of the protagonist — Rihana who under societal pressure marries Veer and endures a loveless marriage simply to make it work. It is a pretty simple story, without any twists and turns. There is nothing that comes unexpected. Even the turn at the end, is something that you would anticipate by then.

But the beauty certainly lies in the storytelling. The writer writes pretty simply in a matter of fact tone. She very aptly showcases the frailties and the hypocrisies of the Indian society and manages pretty well to build up a momentum at the turn of every page. In most parts she (through the voice of the protagonist) steers clear of judging the characters, but yet leaves enough space for the reader to empathize with Rihana and the choices that she makes.

A truly high point of this story is the portrayal of relationship between Rihana and her friend Raj. While Veer, his arrogance and the resultant behavior is something that you come to expect early on, these small portraits of Raj’s relationship with Rihana is what makes you think, pause for sometime, admire her views (or maybe abolish it) and then continue again. I wouldn’t delve more into it here as it would be tantamount to releasing some suspense.

Overall it is a plain simple story that I could manage to complete in 3 hours straight. Understandably it was intriguing enough and the end does make you think more about the characters and the choices they make. These truly lingered on with me for some time surely and hence I would adjudge it as truly worth reading.


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