Returning to base.

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October 11, 2016 by freakychakra

I have been fiddling on the keyboard for a long time now, the way I do with my mind forever. Like any normal person with banal outcomes, I too long of, but, to start and cruise along things perfectly. Leave alone the fact that I consume copious amount of knowledge which tell me to start slow, fail and then achieve perfection. I end up doing the exact opposite process- Start with perfection for 12 hours, falter on the 13th, slow down from 14th to 18th, sleep through the next 6 and forget about it for the next few weeks before walking down the same slippery path all over again. In short- I know my mistakes, have learnt from them, but like everything else in life haven’t really applied them.

The last post was posted more than a year back. I don’t know what really kept me going then? Did the age exponentially suck away my energy and youth in the past one year? Serious bloggers maybe writing a blog article a day- at least. I wasn’t a serious blogger- only aimed to be one- like I did for just everything else. You know- Master of everything- Jack of none!!! Anyways, I did write occasionally, and these occasions did come often. Yet, I don’t know what transpired post March 2015 that I just gave up writing. As I wrote in the beginning, I have been fiddling on the keyboard for a long time now; the long time being more than a year.

In my current job, we use Google Analytics to see how the website has performed, and for sudden dips and peaks, we try and co-relate them to special events that happened around the same and hold them guilty. Applying the same logic to my life, the only special thing that happened post March 2015 was my change in job from support to products. This is where things get more puzzling. I changed from a high volume job to a relatively relaxed clime and yet simultaneously dropped guitar and writing. Hmmmm, wish I was a Sherlock to find out what caused the drop rates and hence what can be done to fix it.

Well, too late and futile to find out what caused it. Late because- a year is a lot. Futile-because I know it’s the same root cause. Just gotta work on it.

So yeah! Here I am BACK!!!!!! Back to writing. Back to voicing my views on topics- good, bad and controversial. The current mood in the nation isn’t a great one. Crimes are being celebrated in the mask of nationalism, ‘Sleeping with the enemy’ is being promoted as liberal thingy. Middle ground is being frowned upon. We are literally the walking epithets of Bush’s ideology – Either you are with us, or not with us.

But, I still believe that we are in a free nation and hence shall go ahead and add words to the same voice. Coming soon !!!!


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