Adios Nexus5!

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October 20, 2016 by freakychakra

img_6878There is always a pride in earning from your own salary. It’s like a culmination of your blood and sweat and calories and frustrations and expletives. Same was my experience when I bought my first phone. The LG Optimus P500. I wasn’t always tech-savvy and based on my pockets, this was a good fit. Well, it didn’t exactly turn out to be an excellent experience though. Battery drain out, lags etc just saddened the entire experience I had. Missing calls back to back from my girlfriend who lives in another timezone, was too much for her to take. I was given an ultimatum to shift to a new phone.

Her impatience could not have come at a better time. Google had already proven its mettle with Nexus 4 range of devices and there was buzz in the air about Nexus 5. Like a star gazed lover, I had been reading, re-reading its scoop and leaks from whatever source possible and was convinced that this was going to be a great phone. The suggested price range (it wasn’t released still) would have been a bit heavy, I knew. But I had long understood the ramifications of saving through the penny- burning through the pound. I was ready to pay whatever the cost was. I had asked my girlfriend to book it the moment it released so that she can take delivery in US itself and then ship it back with her when she comes to India. On the day the Nexus 5 was released, I had been following Google news website, like a father waiting outside the operation theatre when his wife is giving delivery to a baby. Every five minutes, I was checking for any latest scoop. I was convinced that this is going to be a great decision and I am going to buy it.

Finally at around 1030 in the night the phone was out on sale in US and I called up my girlfriend more than 20 times to ask her to buy one. But she couldn’t pick up her calls (duh! She was in office) and finally when she did, she informed that the stocks had gone. Of course, there was nothing that I could do and having resigned to the sad fate, I went back to my old phone. The backup plan was to wait for a few months more- gather the money and get it. Probably I should have understood that day, what it meant to lay your hands on the first batch of phones that is released. Till date I scoff at the Apple fans who line up outside Apple stores everytime a new phone is released. Little did I realize that I was cut from the same cloth.

Anyways, flash forward 2 months and my girlfriend gives me a lovely surprise. As I go to meet her in India, she takes out a shiny wrapped box and hands it over to me. I knew what was inside it and the moment the black and white beauty glowed itself in the white box, my heart lept with joy. The Nexus 5 was here and I was the first one among everyone whom I knew to have it. But forget the feeling of being the first one. It was the little Gorilla Glass covered beauty that stole my heart. Within a couple of hours I trimmed my sim card and started the Google Nexus.

It’s been 3 years since then. And what lovely 3 years it has been honestly! To begin with, even after 3 years it defies its age. Even today it can confidently match up to any newbie out in the market and can give the latter a run for its money in normal use department. I never used my phone for gaming. I used it for a lot of personal, office, editing and most importantly- photographic purposes. And it superseded my expectations just everytime.

The Nexus5 has been more than a simple phone to me. Honestly, today I cannot imagine living without it. I have grown way too much used to it. My day begins with this little beauty and ends with it. It wakes me up with its gradually increasing volume of a melodic alarm and in the night provides me a succour as I lazily browse 9gag until my eyes have tired out. It is with me just everywhere. On my bed, in my kitchen, in my bathroom, in my office. If I wanted music, it blared its heart out. If I wanted silence, it would go mum. Out on the road, few taps on the buttons, few scrolls and my navigator is out there telling me the way. Out on a date, few taps, few scrolls and I have a friend who is ensuring that my date is most perfect one.

As I have mentioned before, my biggest love is photography and this is where it has been my perfect companion. At every amazing sight, my Nexus5 has gleed more than me and has helped me capture every single beautiful memory of life with just the perfect colors defining them. From the cold climes of Ladakh, to the arid desert of Kutch, to the greens of Kerala to the windy ocean washing up my feet at Kanyakumari – my Nexus has been the perfect photographer. It has braved every clime, every water droplet, every piercing sun ray to give me my record of the perfect moment. Whether moving local trains, or buses, or rickshaws or planes- it has never ever left my company. Holding itself perfectly in my palm, just perfectly so that I can take that perfect shot.

Living in Mumbai as a bachelor becomes sickening after a bit. The loneliness bites you more when you are sick. It is here that it cared like a brother. Never pushing me to fetch the laptop, it entertained me through its videos and Youtube and 9gag while all I had to do is lie on the bed. Searching for a doc, taking notes from the doc, reaching out to the doc, reminding when to meet the doc again- it did just everything that my mom and dad would do. Of course! It didn’t feed me, though it did remind me when to have food.

It’s been probably the best experience I ever had with any device ever (other than my Royal Enfield). Despite its cracked screen it gives me the same experience that it gave three years back. Yeah, the age has taken a bit of toll on it. Now, it becomes tired pretty easily. Every three hours I have to feed it its food. Also, it has started getting a bit angry if I push it to stretch its work. It heats up to voice its protest. However, those are far and between. With its broken tempered glass and scratched back, it hasn’t given up on me. It still adores me the same way it did 3 years back when my girlfriend gifted it to me. Even God I think has stopped keeping count of how many times it has slipped from my hands, yet this muscular, beefed up soul would shrug off and come up in my arms again.

The problem with time is, it demands change. Even if we don’t need it, we have to acquiesce to its demands. In an ever fast moving world with beefier applications, and a world where the phones are threatening to outsmart laptops and desktops, it’s important to keep moving. The only problem being, everytime you have to drop something. As tearful as it gets, this time it is this beauty in a beast device. The harsh truth of economics and the need to keep yourself moving ahead is leading me to exchange my mate for 3 years with its cousin from another mother – Moto Z Play.

On paper, the younger cousin has inherited everything that the Nexus had. I hope it also has the stomach for my tantrums and mood swings. Honestly, I am not sure what the experience would be. The reviewers have raved about Play and in my heart and gut I have the same conviction that I had three years back for my Nexus5. However, I know for sure that it would not be the same experience. If it matches up to Nexus, I would say “Yeah! It is as good as Nexus”. If it doesn’t, “It sucks”. But one thing is for sure, it- or rather, no phone- can ever replace the experience or the memories that I have built with Nexus5. It was an impeccable reflection of the standards that Google is known for (though sadly Google could never replicate it). And for me, it was a device, that assumed a character and personality of its own. As a reader, I guess, you would have already concluded that- for, who writes an eulogy for a phone.

@Nexus5- Go ahead! I hope you are able to add some more smiles into someone else’s life the way you have done for me. Gonna miss you!!!



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