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Hi, I am Amit Si.

If I was a website, I think I would have used the words Bong, food, Royal Enfield Thunderbird, Travelling, Food, Blogging, Poetry, Nashik, Engineering, Politics, Mumbai as my key words.

But I ain’t a website yet.  Unlike a website the entire world may not be able to instantly access me and my contents – and this is what makes me a human being. Yet in this ever changing, pressed-for-time world, if there is something that we can do easily is form and pass judgements; so much that sometimes we need a release. And it is this very release that I attain by means of blogging.

Like the “Bhatts of Bollywood” I have opinion about anything and everything, but unlike them am careful enough to not voice out all of them. Every sight and sound makes me think, as it does normally for everybody and when I encounter something that I can arrange in my limited knowledge of English words and phrases, I blog about them.

There have been times when the simple words couldn’t stand the test of arrangement and hence had to mask my opinions and emotions in the form of poems. You may find all such hidden emotions here :

Before ending, I must say that blogging is good; for it holds a mirror against your face in the reflection of time and gives you a view of how much as a human being you have changed alongside time and how much have you given in to circumstances created by it.

Keep Blogging !!!


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